Juicyapples.co.uk is founded and managed by a group of Apple lovers who all agree a juicy retina screen or a fantastic finger print touch ID is better than… well almost anything. We agreed the second mortgage needed to purchase the Apple product of our dreams… was quite simply the best decision ever!

But we did start to wonder how would we be able to manage or afford the endless stream of new and even pricier Apple products that we simply needed to maintain our cool up to date Apple Guru Owner status?

The third mortgage needed to keep up with the Apple elite owners club was not an option so we went in search of a used Apple haven where we could upgrade our device without having to hide bank statements anymore. After hours on the net and trying some of the platforms available, the endless results of avoiding scams and being offered 2005 Hewlett Packard prices for our beloved Apples led us to our cunning plan.

Why don’t we create an awesome place where like-minded Apple people can go to build on their dreams of elite Apple ownership and be able to leave bank statements in view of anybody without the fear of personal attack by a loved one?

So here we are… You are in that safe place at juicyapples.co.uk. You don’t need to call the bank manager or wait for the postman delivering your statements anymore! You are free to get the most money for your Apple product or upgrade to a used (much cheaper) new shiny new Apple, or even SWAP your Apple device free of charge, Hallelujah!

We hope you enjoy the site and find what you are looking for.