Review: MacBook Pro

This lucky guy got to test out the new MacBook Pro, here are his thoughts. “The new MacBook Pro is here — literally available for preorder today — and I’ve just tried it. The best thing I can say about is simple: everything about it looks and feels so good I almost didn’t believe it. We’ll start with the marquee feature, the Touch Bar. What you might not have gathered from the keynote is that...

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iPhone 7 Review

“Let’s tackle the big issue right away. As you might have heard, the 3.5mm headphone port is no more, taken out back like Old Yeller and given both barrels by (presumably) a symmetry-obsessed Jony Ive. You’ve got to switch to a pair of headphones with a Lightning adapter if you want to pump music directly into your ears now, or invest in some pricey Bluetooth buds. Sure, there’s a pair of Lightning EarPods in the box,...

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Pokémon Go: How to catch it!

Pokémon Go has swept the entire world and is now more popular than porn…who would have thought it. Anyway despite conquering the world quicker than Usain Bolt on steroids, Go isn’t actually available in the UK yet, but if your wondering what your missing and want to cheat, here’s a guide to getting on your UK iPhone. “Pokémon Go has proved so popular that the UK release date for the augmented reality game has been...

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Apple goes to incredible length to troubleshoot iTunes bug!

“Last week, a blog post from James Pinkstone in which he described how iTunes Match deleted 122GB of his personal music collection went viral. Apple confirmed the issue on Friday and rolled out a potential fix with iTunes 12.4 yesterday, but Pinkstone today has shared a new blog post detailing the extreme lengths to which Apple went in order to track down what exactly caused the problem in the first place. Pinkstone today wrote that...

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Where in the world is Tim Cook: he’s going green!

Over the past year Apple have been putting more and more effort into appearing to be environmentally friendly, well now it turns out they do actually mean what they are saying and are partnering up with the WWF to promote environmental awareness. This Apples getting greener. “As part of its broader environmental efforts, Apple on Thursday is launching a new app campaign, Apps for Earth, in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), an environmental...

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Drakes new album: exclusive to Apple Music

Who could resist the allure of exclusive streaming on Apple Music, well Drake would be that guy. You would have thought maybe Drake would follow friends over to Tidal but I guess a partnership with the worlds biggest company was too much to turn down. Also Apple paid for that Hotline Bling video – if you don’t believe us check out Apples new Watch adverts that look like they were shot with the same ambient...

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Top tip: sell your Apple Watch before the next release!

With the launch of the new Apple Watch imminent now is the best time to get a great price for your old Apple Watch, sell it now before prices drop and they will drop fast! “Apple will unveil its second-generation Apple Watch at WWDC in June, according to one analyst, and it will be up to 40 percent thinner than the existing model. Brian White of Drexel Hamilton also expects that the iPhone 7 Plus...

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The Bite: Apple News Roundup

Here are the top stories from the worlds fruitiest company, making headlines today: iOS 9.3.1: Has security flaws – is that surprising? “A video surfaced online yesterday purporting to show a vulnerability in iOS 9.3.1 that allows anyone to access photos and contacts on a locked iPhone without having to enter a passcode. The YouTube video, uploaded by Jose Rodriguez and first spotted by The Daily Dot, depicts a user performing a Siri search followed...

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Who killed the MacBook Air: the murder mystery begins!

“With Apple putting so much of their efforts into developing the latest 12 inch MacBook Retina, inevitably there are those asking what the future of the MacBook Air is. Well if you ask the folks over at HP then the Mac Air has no future and HP have come up with a new notebook to kill it.  “Having made a habit of emulating (if not outright imitating) Apple’s MacBook andMacBook Air lines in recent years,...

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Apple turns 40!

Apple turns 40, and the BBC have come up with perhaps the homage, a wonderful interview with the third founder of Apple – Ronald Wayne. What would have Apple been today had Wayne stuck around? “Drive out of Las Vegas for an hour into the Nevada desert. When you reach what feels like the end of civilization, carry on. That’s where you’ll find Pahrump. And it’s in Pahrump where you’ll find the co-founder of the most...

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